Stamplus Manufacturing - Deep Drawing & Stamping of Precision Enclosures
Stamplus Manufacturing - Deep Drawing & Stamping of Precision Enclosures
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general information
Cans and covers can be manufactured from various materials and alloys. The following is a list, with abbreviations, of the more commonly used materials.

Al - Aluminum: Type 1100-0 per QQ-A-250/1

SS - Stainless Steel: Type 304 (18% Chromium,8% Nickel) per QQ-S-766/ASTM-240

CRS - Cold Rolled Steel: C1010 per ASTM-620

Br - Brass: (70% Copper, 30% Zinc) or Rich Low (85% Copper, 15% Zinc) per QQ-B-613 comp 4 CDA 230

Cu - Copper: per QQ-C-576, CDA 110 / ASTM-B-152

CuNi - Cupro Nickel: (70% Copper, 30% Nickel) per ASTM B122alloy 715, CDA 175

NiSi - Nickel Silver: (65% Copper, 18% Nickel, 17% Zinc) per ASTM B122 alloy 752, CDA 752

Mu - Mu Metal: (77% Nickel, 5% Copper, 1.5%Chromium, balance Iron) per AMS-7701

Stamplus of course, does quality work in all drawable materials and alloys such as Kovar, inconel, monel, nickel, and many others. Complete specifications are given upon request.
Standard cans and covers are degreased only. Finishing to meet your exact requirements is available upon request.

Stamplus can also modify catalog or custom enclosures to your specified designs. As a full service manufacturer, some of our capabilities include hardware installation such as weld screws,inserts, fasteners, and terminals, as well as spot welding, brazing, soldering and a variety of production machining.

All dimensions and tolerances are in inches. The material thickness at the closed end of the cans will be thicker than the side walls. This is due to the deep drawing process and depends on the depth and number of draws.

DIM. “A” and DIM. “B”

0.000 to 0.749           +/-.005
0.750 to 1.499           +/-.008
1.500 to 1.999           +/-.010
2.000 to 3.499           +/-.015

0.000 to 3.999           +/-.015
4.000 and over           +/-.031
.010                   +/-.002
.012, .016, .019, .025           +.002/-.003
.030, .036, .042           +.002/-.004
.048 and over                   +/-.005
Dimensions are given as a reference to insure proper mating with the enclosure.

LENGTH “C”                                             +/-.010

MINIMUM RADIUS will be as small as practical design permits, approximately 1/32 R.

A. Standard Items
     1 – Quantity required
     2 – Part Number, Length
     3 – Type of Material
     4 – Cover Part Number and Mat’l if covers             are to be purchased
     5 – Finish
     6 – It is recommended that matching cans             and covers be ordered together to             insure proper fit

B. Non-standard Items and Modification
New drawn enclosures or custom shapes may be quickly and economically manufactured employing partial use of already existing standard tooling.  All requests should be accompanied by a drawing showing all dimensions and information on terminals, inserts, studs, or other components to be attached to can or cover.

Please contact us with any questions or special requirements.
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