Stamplus Manufacturing - Deep Drawing & Stamping of Precision Enclosures
Stamplus Manufacturing - Deep Drawing & Stamping of Precision Enclosures
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The quality of our service is based upon years of experience in Deep Drawing & Stamping of Precision Enclosures.  Our engineering, sales and purchasing departments have thorough knowledge of design and manufacturing.  In house engineering and tooling capabilities compliment broad selection of mechanical, hydraulic, double action presses to manufacture enclosures to meet and certify high quality standards.
Enclosures are manufactured from any drawable material such as aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, copper nickel, nickel silver, cold rolled steel, Mu metal. 

Our catalog contains thousands of standard cans and covers in rounds, squares, rectangulars from smallest up to 4" in diameter and 5" deep.  Custom shapes are our specialty.

To meet our customers requirement, parts are manufactured in short, medium or large runs, can be supplied plain or modified with holes, spot welded flanges, or brackets, inserts, screws, soldered terminals, silver or copper brazed, heat treated or plated.
Please contact us with any questions or special requirements.